Current and former lab members @ VSS 2017, left to right: Andrea, Rosanne, Jasper, Janneke, Andrey, Peter, Ilona, Ruben, Laura and Juraj

Janneke Jehee

The lab is headed by Dr. Janneke Jehee. Janneke received her PhD from Amsterdam University, working with Victor Lamme and Jaap Murre. She worked as a postdoc for two years with Dana Ballard at the University of Rochester, NY, and for another three years with Frank Tong at Vanderbilt University, TN, before joining the Donders Institute in 2010, where she is a PI (Principal Investigator). Here is her CV.

Andrey Chetverikov

Andrey is a postdoc in the lab. He received his Ph.D. in 2014 from St. Petersburg University, Russia, working with Viktor Allakhverdov. After that he worked at the University of Iceland with Árni Kristjánsson in 2015-2017, where he studied the representation of probabilistic perceptual ensembles. Andrey’s research in the lab focuses on visual uncertainty and its representation in the brain, with particular emphasis on uncertainty in motion perception. His other interests include visual statistics, short-term learning in vision, and perceptual conflicts. When not in the lab, he enjoys traveling and reading good fiction.

Ruben van Bergen

Ruben is a postdoc in the lab. After receiving his MSc in Neuroscience from the University of Oxford, he initially started working in the lab as a research assistant in December 2011, and then as a PhD student between April 2012-November 2016. Ruben's research in the lab focuses on the computations of low-level vision in a Bayesian framework, using fMRI and developing novel MVPA techniques. He is also interested in Machine Learning and Computer Vision, and his hobbies include running, windsurfing and cooking.

Andrea Bertana

Andrea is a PhD student in the lab. He received his MSc in Cognitive Neuroscience from Trento University (Cimec). While in Italy, he studied hyperalignment - a technique to functionally align fMRI activation patterns across participants. In our lab, he is studying the neural mechanisms of top-down attention and perceptual learning. Outside research, he loves travelling, sports and good food.

Laura Geurts

Laura is a PhD student in the lab. She studied Artificial Intelligence at Radboud University and Neuroscience at the University of Göttingen, and first joined the lab as an MSc student. Her research focuses on the neural basis of perceptual decision-making under uncertainty using novel data analysis techniques. Outside the lab, she enjoys sports (speed skating in particular) and traveling.  

Gwennyth Spruijtenburg

Gwennyth is an intern in the lab, working towards her MSc degree in Human Movement Sciences from the University of Groningen. In Groningen, she focused on decision making in sport, and the role perceptual information plays therein. In our lab, she helps with collecting and analyzing neuroimaging data from human visual cortex.

Affiliated members

Koen Haak

Koen graduated from the University of Groningen in Artificial Intelligence (MSc) and went on to do a PhD in Visual Neuroscience at the Ophthalmology Department of the University Medical Center Groningen, with extended visits to the labs of Brian Wandell at Stanford University and Tony Morland at the University of York. He then joined the lab of Steve Engel as a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Minnesota, before returning to the Netherlands to join the Statistical Imaging Neuroscience group led by Christian Beckmann at the Donders Center for Cognitive Neuroimaging. His research interests revolve around visual neuroplasticity and neuroimaging methodology. 

Tim van Mourik

After obtaining an MSc in Computer Animation from Bournemouth University, and spending a lot of time on medical imagery, Tim is now a PhD student in the MR Physics group led by David Norris. He tries to extract meaningful signals from the different layers of the cortex in fMRI, specifically related to visual attention, together with David and Janneke.


Jasper Fabius (now a PhD student at Utrecht University)

Sridhar Jagannathan (now a graduate student at Oxford University)

Ilona Bloem (now a graduate student at Boston University)

Denise Moerel (now an RA at Macquarie University)

Klaudia Ambroziak (now a graduate student at University of London)

Joachim de Ronde (now a graduate student at Concordia University)

Sander Bosch (now a postdoc at Donders Institute)

Rosanne Rademaker (now a postdoc at University of California, San Diego)

Juraj Mesik (a visiting student from the University of Minnesota)